Pan-American Torch on its way through Cusco and the “Glorioso Ciencias” School

The following images have been published, of the passage of the Pan-American torch passing through Cusco, which also made its way through the National College of Sciences, which recently won the title of Glorious. These images have been published on the web portal and on the fanpage of Cusco on Portada. The note of the web portal dictates the following note: The torch of the Pan-American Games, arrived in Cusco, on its way to the headquarters of the Games in Lima, and how could it be otherwise, it had to do its I passed through the “First Educational Institution” the Glorious National College of Sciences. These are the images that the passage of the Torch of the Pan-American Games, or Pan-American Torch, left us for the Glorious National College of Sciences. “

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