Happy Anniversary Ciencias National College!

Aniversario Colegio Nacional de Ciencias Cusco

The Ciencias Glorious National College Cusco, today celebrates one more anniversary of its republican foundation, with which they add up to 194 years since Simón Bolivar founded it on July 8, 1825. The Sciences school has illustrious alumni, such as Don Serpario Calderón, Former president of the republic. The Science school has two anniversaries, the other, it will celebrate on August 20 with its traditional parade in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

On their web portal www.gloriosociencias.com they published this greeting: “May this new anniversary, serve us all science and science scientists to unite under the banner and anthem of our beloved school, the Glorious National College of Sciences, is anniversary , let us celebrate by always bringing the country forward as good men of honor.To remember, I leave the hymn to the Ciencias Glorious National College. “

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