Epecuén | The ghost town with only one inhabitant in 2019

There is a town in Argentina, like no other on the earth, as it is a ghost town, inhabited only by one person. Villa Epecuén is the name of an abandoned tourist town southwest of Buenos Aires, founded in 1921 on the shores of a lake that bears the same name and which is the reason that this place was one of the main tourist centers of the area. Villa Epecuén was famous for being a place that could restore the health of people; the salty waters of the lake served visitors to treat skin problems and rheumatism, so health tourism and recreation made this small town, of 1500 inhabitants, one of the favorite destinations of the Argentine aristocracy since the decade of the 20s to the 70s.

In 1985, misfortune occurs, when the flood of the lake level, manages to overcome and demolish the embankments built to prevent flooding, and finally the entire tourist town full of people, life, dances and fun was flooded in 10 meters of salt water and highly corrosive, which ended the life of this ancient jewel of tourism in Argentina.

The level of destruction was such that every inhabitant left the village, except one person. Mr. Pablo Novak is currently the only inhabitant of the town, Mr. Novak, he decided to stay and continue living there; He is now an old man, but nevertheless he is always visited by some friends, journalists, writers and (now) youtubers, who want to meet him and tell his story. In his tired but cheerful eyes one can find the incomparable setting to listen to his stories; he is said to have seen the town being born and dying. He currently lives in the village with his pet, a dog that accompanies him everywhere, and is transported by the ghost town on his old bicycle, a rusty and old machine that has as many years as himself.

It is incredible that there is a place, such as this one, in the world, that is to say, an abandoned town inhabited only by a resident who also receives from time to time a tourist, although this time they are no longer aristocrats but rather chroniclers and writers in search of a story. The last visitor to this town was the Mexican Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, one of the largest youtubers in the world, who has the channel called Luisito Comunica, which has more than 23 million followers, in a channel dedicated to travel to different parts of the world. Luis Villar, or rather Luisito Comunica visited Villa Epecuén, and talked with Mr. Pablo Novak, in a video that does not need to be related. Then, I leave the video so you can see images of Villa Epecuén and what you can see there if you visit this fantastic place.

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