Be a hero! Donate Blood!

This 14th of June marks the World Blood Donor Day with the purpose of raising awareness among people about the importance of voluntary blood donation in the country. Insurance Mapfre adding to this campaign shows us the following information.

Only 112.5 million units of blood are extracted in the world annually. The rate of blood donation per thousand people in low income countries is 4.4% and in high income countries it is 32.6%.

Currently, a large amount of regular blood donations is needed, since in 71 countries more than 50% of blood donations are by relatives, friends or paid donors.

As you know, these blood donations contribute to saving lives and improving health in women with obstetric complications, children with a history of severe anemia, people with serious trauma or surgical patients, and patients who require periodic blood transfusions, operations, or others.

Curious facts about blood donation:

  • At one year men can donate blood 4 times a year and women can only donate 3 times.
  • Type O- is the scarcest type of blood in the population, therefore the most searched blood type.
  • Plasma is the liquid part of the blood and you can donate at least every 15 days.
  • When they donate blood they are tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Syphilis.
  • Donated blood only lasts a period of time such as platelets, lasts only 5 days, plasma, frozen can last a maximum of 3 years and red blood cells expire in the 6th week.

Let’s break the myth about blood donation:

  • Donating blood fat: False. With healthy food you can replace donated blood.
  • People with Hypotension and Diabetes can not donate: False. They can donate if they are properly controlled.
  • People who are tattooed or pierced can not donate: False. Yes they can, but after one year.
  • I can be anemic: False. Bone marrow replenishes in 52 days.
  • I must donate on an empty stomach. False. It is suggested not to consume fatty foods 2 hours before the donation.

Today there are different organizations that are encouraging the donation of blood, some of them are: Club RH-, International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations and La Sangre connects us all. Remember that donating blood is the most generous action of vital importance, are you prepared to become a super hero and save the world?


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