The best free antivirus for PC of 2019

Last April we presented the list of the best antivirus in the world, in this list were not only the most powerful and best antivirus but also showed that many of the list were completely free antivirus, while some of the list had only trial versions one month free (if you want to read this top click here). Now we’re going to show you the best antivirus on the list which has a trial version so you can download free antivirus by clicking here; but better yet, we will show you how to buy the full version (the paid version), and it will be free for you; yes, you will get free and you could even earn a few dollars (it’s not clickbait, it’s not a hoax) so stay until the end of this article. So let’s start.

Los mejores antivirus del 2019 bajar antivirus gratis en español

Norton Security the best antivirus in the world 2019

It is no exaggeration to say that Norton Security is currently the best antivirus in the world, we also show it in the April list of AV Test results, which shows the weighting of the three main evaluations done on the best antivirus of the world, to determine which is the best, and this year, in 2019 Norton Security has won the best of all, beating the four-time champion, Bitdefender, which has descended incredibly to ninth position. Well, as we had anticipated in a previous post, Norton Security does not have a permanent free version, so from here the most we could offer is the trial version called Norton Security Free (click here to download), which only works for 30 days, more than enough time to be able to test everything that has in his favor this great antivirus and be able to decide his purchase.

How to get Norton Security in its paid version but for free

So as promised is debt, here goes the secret. I tell you that for readers of this medium we have obtained an offer that can make you take the antivirus, almost free for you, clicking here (no cheating, I dare you, go yourself to the Norton page and you will see the prices without discount). As I was saying, by clicking here, you will find the tab that says “Products and Services” you can choose “Norton Security Plus” or “Norton Security Premium“, in both cases the original package comes with a very special discount, in the first case it brings a 40% discount and in the second a 37% discount, so “Norton Security Plus” for “5 PCs” you can buy it for less than USD $ 39 and “Norton Security Premium” for “10 PCs” You can purchase less than USD $ 56 dollars. Now … Where is that to acquire the original “paid” and free antivirus?

Very well, consider this a gift, is what I have been doing for several years, for example, with “Norton Security Premium” for 10 PCs, which is USD $ 56 dollars. If you have nine friends, acquaintances or colleagues who also want an antivirus?, well, take the mobile phone, go to WhatsApp and ask them if they do not want original antivirus, with technical service for a whole year, only USD $ 7 dollars, Yes, only USD $ 7 dollars; if you get nine willing friends, not only for you will be free, but also you will earn 7 dollars for you, because with your USD $ 7 dollars for nine people you already have USD $ 63 dollars. If you charge them USD $ 6.50 you will still earn a couple of dollars, and if you want to divide the account exactly between you and them, each one of you must pay USD $ 5.6, as you will see there is no magic, you can obtain an original antivirus with support and service, with updates for a whole year, just USD $ 5.6 at this time. Take advantage of this offer right now, and buy it, it will be easy for you to get nine partners who want a complete and original antivirus, which is not the same as a free version. Stop using free versions of a month or antivirus in free versions that do not give you all the protection you need.

And … What other protection does a purchased antivirus provide?

The world has evolved a lot, we are no longer in the 90’s where the antivirus only served to detect and eliminate viruses. In fact, and understand this well, the free antivirus, from the list that I showed you at the beginning, give you the antivirus protection, what they really sell you, is the anti-phishing (the fraud) protection, which are forms of theft of credit cards and accounts banks that exist in many websites, protect us from the Dialers that are a type of virus that steals money through our phone bills, protects us from Rasomwares, protect our social networks and much more. Believe me the payment antivirus do a lot of things for us, so thank you to be a reader of this page and take advantage of this special offer for our readers. So, if you decided to buy the best antivirus in the world by letting others pay for you, you are a genius of finance. Successes!

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