The 6 similarities between the Inca and Egyptian culture

El enigma entre la cultura inca y egipcia el heraldo de cusco noticias

Have you ever thought that the Inca and Egyptian culture are very similar despite the 9,853 kilometers that distance both civilizations. Formerly it was believed that both cultures descended from the same father called “Atlantis” (Victorian era) and that Plato validated the existence of “Atlantis” and a mythical island but these hypotheses were rejected by our historians, but the enigma is still latent.

Thinking about these enigmas Inca Rail has created a list with 6 main similarities that both cultures have.

1. Architecture

  • They built stepped pyramids aligned with the cardinal points.
  • In addition, they had a great desire to achieve perfection in their works.

2. Similar jewelry

  • They adorned their dead with gold accessories with animals to the ends.
  • The animals symbolized balanced power, peace and eternity.

3. Mummies

  • Mummification symbolized life beyond death.
  • Crossing the arms of the mummies showed a state of equilibrium.

4. Trapezoidal doors

  • Similar to the triangle, these denoted spiritual transcendence.
  • In addition to their great significance, they offered seismic protection.

5. Flames and camels

  • They were useful for transportation.
  • The flame was sacred, since it was used for sacrifices.

6. The sun symbolized a deity.

  • In Egypt it is called “Ra” and in Peru it is called “Inti”

7. 3-door temple

  • They symbolized a balance of our temporal being and eternity.
  • A current phenomenon and used by architects of Gothic cathedrals and Freemasons.

Both cultures are considered “Wonders of the World” and are connected by a great past, know them and relive this enigmatic past.


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