Huawei registers the Ark OS brand in Europe to replace Android

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As planned and we had anticipated it last week; Huawei’s HongMeng operating system, was not going to leave China with that name, because apparently it already has a name for the West, it would be “Huawei Ark OS”, or simply Ark OS. This became known after the Chinese giant registered the brand in the EUIPO (Intellectual Property Office of the European Union). Apparently there will be two versions of the operating system, one for the local market (China) that will operate under the trademark Huawei HongMeng OS and the universal version that will work under the trademark Huawei Ark OS, now we only need to see how this evolution of the operating system that apparently will be the second or third most used in the world in mobile equipment. The magazine specialized in Huawei and practically its spokesman in the western world Huawei Central, wrote the following note:

Huawei confirmed that it is preparing plan B to be launched later this year and also confirmed that the operating system will be available in two different versions: national and global.

Huawei registers ARK OS brand in Europe

It all started in March of this year, when Yu Chengdong, also known as Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business division, said that Huawei has developed its own operating systems for smartphones and computers in case the company can not use Android or Windows systems due to the tensions between Huawei. and the United States government.

Recently, Huawei has registered trademark for “Huawei Hongmeng” in the China Trademark Office of the national intellectual property administration with an application submission date of August 24, 2018, which was publicly announced on May 14, 2019, and the duration of this registration is valid from May 14, 2019, to May 13, 2029. The application is registered in several categories, which include: Operating system program, Computer operation program, Operating software computer. All these categories confirm that “Hongmeng” is the name of Huawei’s operating system.

In addition, the categories also include: Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and more, which shows that the company has prepared it for the ecosystem of all its devices, about which we also inform.

Now, the Chinese company has registered a new name for the brand on May 24 with EUIPO (Intellectual Property Office of the European Union) – Huawei ARK OS. It seems that we could have a global name of “Hongmeng OS”. As explained above, the company is looking to launch two operating systems. The operating system of Huawei ARK could be the name of the next operating system of Huawei, which will work on all devices worldwide, except in China.

The trademark application has the same categories as the previous trademark information:

1. Compiler software; Operating systems for electronic devices.

2. Design and development of compilation software and operating systems for electronic devices; design and development of applications for mobile phones with compilation software; Software as a service (SAAS) with compilation software.

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