HongMeng the replacement of Android in Huawei phones

What we mentioned this morning (click here to read) ended up becoming a reality. A few hours ago Huawei Central the page in charge of spreading news of the Chinese brand, has made public the launch of its operating system, HongMeng or HongMeng OS; which we assume will not be the final name, because it would not work very well in the West. This system is based on the open source Linux system, which we mentioned this morning in a report. Thus, the name would have been chosen in honor of a character from Chinese mythology that represents the chaos prior to the creation of the world; for obvious implication to the situation that the Chinese cell phone giant is going through at this moment.

Apparently Huawei has been working this operating system since 2012 with a somewhat different architecture than Android has us accustomed. The system is in its beta version (latest test) and is ready to integrate with Huawei App Gallery as well as all the apps that work on Android, so all Android apps would work perfectly with HongMeng OS, remember that Android is also based on the Linux kernel so in a few words this HongMeng system would be “a kind of Android”, because it is based on the same kernel.

However, this system would only come out in its first Alfa version of persisting the commercial and technological blockade of Donal Trump on Huawei; so, apparently this would be the strongest blow that Huawei prepared so far, since it would only be necessary for China to produce the right hardware to manufacture cell phones and they will be completely independent of American technology.

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