AREQUIPA | Cáceres: “Vizcarra faces Peruvians against Peruvians”

Vizacarra enrenta a peruanos contra peruanos

The Regional Governor of Arequipa, Elmer Cáceres Llica, spoke this morning against the clashes in Islay. Cáceres urged President Martín Vizcarra to back down regarding the license granted to Southern Peru, with the following words:

 "In a demonstration of not betting on the dialogue and imposing the Tía 
María project against the voice of the people of the Valley of Tambo, 
President Martín Vizcarra ordered the intervention of the National Police 
of Peru, thus confronting us Peruvians against Peruvians, an error in the 
long list of errors committed against the Islay brothers. 

The brothers of the Valley of Tambo have been protesting peacefully since 
July 15. The National Police of Peru arrives to provoke the population. We 
do not want confrontations or more loss of human life. 

I ask President Martín Vizcarra not to continue provoking the population of 
the Tambo Valley through the PNP. Mr. President, do not make the same 
mistake of other past governments, as happened in 2011 and 2015 where 8 
innocent people died. I urge my  brothers in the Valley of Tambo to calm 
down, that social peace prevail and I also ask the population to maintain 

We can not respond with aggression or violence the provocations of the 
National Government. As Governor of Arequipa, I asked President Martín 
Vizcarra to repeatedly come to the Tambo Valley to avoid a conflict and 
more confrontations, however, he sends the PNP to confront the population. 
I urge you, once again, Mr. Vizcarra to assume the consequences of his 
errors and annul the construction license granted to Southern Peru " 

We hope that the situation does not happen to major confrontations and everything can be solved peacefully and wisely.

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