Alberto Beingolea challenges George Forsyth to debate in Cusco – Peru

Beingolea reta a Forsyth en Cusco

George Forsyth was challenged by candidate Alberto Beingolea in Cusco. The candidates Alberto Beingolea and George Forsyth are in Cusco, within the framework of the political campaign for the next electoral elections, following the agenda of their respective political campaigns. In these instances, the team of candidate Alberto Beingolea, approached candidate George Forsyth at the exit of his hotel, to propose to the candidate a debate of ideas in the city of Cusco.

As reported by: José Víctor Salcedo, columnist for La República:

Forsyth shunned the challenge and got into a vehicle to go to a popular restaurant near the Inca Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, where he had lunch with the congressional candidates in Cusco.

The candidate did not want to respond to the local press and, in a questionable act, the personnel who accompanied him launched denunciation threats against the journalists who were seeking a statement.

Beingolea’s team and the candidate himself expected Forsyth to accept an electoral debate in the Imperial City.

For his part, Forsyth traveled to the district of Ocongate in the Cusco province of Quispicanchi. It is one of the 20 poorest districts in the imperial region.

Meanwhile, Alberto Beingolea also toured Echarati, Calca, La Convencion, Paucartambo, etc. Today the tour continues in Sangarará, a small town in the province of Acomayo.

La Republica newspaper

Apparently both candidates will end their respective campaigns in the imperial city without holding any debate. However, the electoral campaign still has a couple of months ahead, in which anything could happen.

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