National Police of Peru informs the citizens

How we had informed it in a note of June 5 of this year. By warning of neighbors from the area of ​​Llaullipata in Sacsayhuamán (Cusco), police and prosecutor’s agents found remains of the dismembered body of a young woman. The police still do not advance much in the case because the identity of the young woman found is still unknown, being necessary to establish elements of cause to continue an investigation; It is of imperative necessity to attend to the recognition of the person who would have been murdered.

For this reason, the National Police of Peru informs the citizens of this “Alert Note”, so that it may be made known to the public and identify the young person. Please click on the image to enlarge it and try to help the police by sharing this note. Pay attention to the image and contact the agents of the National Police of Peru in case you have information. Thank you.

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