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With the arrival of new technologies have opened the possibility of creating new careers that help improve and / or replace these technologies created with a better perspective of the future.

As it is known today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating new jobs and as it continues to develop, it will create more than 58 million new jobs in the world.

That is why the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences – UPC has foreseen that today’s companies are looking for people with the STEM profile, are people with great skills developed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and people who have creative qualities , with critical thinking, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility.

Under all this context we present a list of the new careers that will transform the world:

Robotics Engineering

  • A career that combines digital design, electronics and computing.
  • It consists of generating technological solutions to meet human and organizational needs.
  • Its field of action are companies associated with technological innovation that build digital systems or robots.
  • The professional will develop criteria to identify various problems as well as design, programming and manufacturing robots.

Computer’s Science

  • A science that will continue to contribute to the careers of the future.
  • It consists of generating intelligent systems capable of automating the resolution of problems.
  • The field of action are video game development companies and in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • The professional will develop the direction of technological designs and supervision of the maintenance of applications.

Environmental Engineering

  • A specialty that will prevent the deterioration of natural resources.
  • It consists of designing strategies for the prevention and control of environmental impacts.
  • The change of action is mining, agriculture, in the chemical and environmental industries.
  • The professional will develop the capacity to execute measures to face impacts against the environment.


  • A science that will save thousands of lives
  • It consists of creating products that meet special needs in living organisms.
  • The field of action are research centers for health, genetics and biodegradable plastics.
  • The professional will develop a deep knowledge of Biological Chemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics and Physics.

Genetic Engineering

  • The profession that will diagnose diseases with a single drop of blood.
  • It consists of modifying the genes, duplicating them or eliminating them directly.
  • The field of action of this race is pharmaceutical and genetic industries, but also in plants, living beings and vaccines.
  • The professional will develop in creativity of designs and control management of various genetic processes.

Mechatronics Engineering

  • The career that is related to other engineers.
  • It consists of solving problems to improve the productivity and the quality of life of the people.
  • The field of action are mining, pharmaceutical, food and aerospace companies.
  • They will develop knowledge in the implementation of automation systems.

Fuente: www.upc.edu.pe

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