Video shows foreigners trying to free their compatriot from the National Police of Peru

venezolanos agreden a policia nacional del Perú

A video is being viralized on social networks and it shows several foreigners (Venezuelans) trying to free one of their compatriots detained by the National Police of Peru. Although the situation is not clear, in the sense that the reason for the detention is not known, what the video does make clear is that foreigners are obstructing the work of the National Police of Peru. Something that can not be accepted in any democracy is that it obstructs those who are in charge of internal order. Peru is a democratic country and in which the rule of law is respected. If the foreign gentlemen considered that the police action was not correct, they had to hire a lawyer and appear before the police station and before the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to “solve the situation of their compatriot” by legal means.

Something that is also clear from the video that we present below is the verbal aggression, by foreign citizens, apparently of Venezuelan nationality, who must be denounced for this action. Citizens of other countries must understand that there is something called “due process” and that they must act on the basis of the Peruvian regulatory framework if they do not want to be denounced. Peru is not Venezuela, the rules and laws are different, and above all here we are respectful of it. Every citizen, whether Peruvian or foreigner, enjoys the freedoms described in the constitution, can film on the public highway and denounce any alleged injustice, but can not obstruct the operation of the law and order, nor who represents it (in this case police).

We hope that the situation will be clarified in the next few hours and that if there are faults these will be reported, and that the people who should be reported by this attack to the police will be placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry, in honor of justice.

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