URGENT | Child needs financial support by accident

Bill pequeño niño huerfano de padre necesita colaboracion accidente de transito

Little Bill is a boy who lost his father two days ago in a traffic accident that happened in Ocongate; in this accident he himself suffered multiple trauma and is seriously injured at the Pardo Clinic; Private clinic in a humane way have assumed the operation of his right eye. His mother, who was also present at the accident, is in critical condition. Due to the fact that the damaged vehicle was without SOAT, no insurer is assuming the costs of medical care; costs that increase alarmingly with the passing of the hours, reason why, without the immense and human support of the Pardo Clinic, the destiny of these people would be more uncertain.

The economic aid and the support of the population of Cusco is urgent and of imperative necessity. Please, if you can help this poor child and his mother, visit him and ask for him at the Pardo Clinic, with whatever help he can get, everything will be well received. Please, if you are reading this, share it so that others can help. We also congratulate the noble owners and directors of this Clinic who do a lot for our city.

On the other hand, and to finish. Please, do not drive without having compulsory insurance against traffic accidents SOAT, do not run on the tracks, and above all, do not take minors, like the little Bill, in the front seat or in the trunk of the part of behind vehicles that are areas where people should not be transported. Sometimes children convince us to take them along with them, but we put their lives at risk, the back seat is the safest area for minors. Let’s avoid dramas, let’s be more civic and more conscious.

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