The Peruano Suiza Clinic and the health business

Clinica Peruano Suiza el Negocio de la no salud

Serious complaint against the Clinic “Peruano Suiza” of Cusco. The night of yesterday July 20, in a live broadcast, of the Portal Cusco en Portada, Mrs. Carmen Tintaya, made a serious denunciation against the Peruano Suiza; complaint in which refers that the referred clinic, the total amount paid by the SOAT (compulsory insurance against traffic accidents) was terminated to his father who was run over; the complainant refers that for five days they sedated their father until they finished 21 thousand soles of insurance; for what they began to charge the relatives for the medications, costs that, within the clinic, exceed up to four times the prices of pharmacies; finally, the patient has a serious infection despite the 21 thousand soles (almost USD $7000) in medical care and the 10 thousand soles indicated by the indignant lady who spent on medication.

The complainant indicates that, in the Peruano Suiza clinic, they do not even have stable doctors; indicates that he saw doctors again after a week. At the end after a few days of care at the Peruano Suiza clinic and after 21 thousand soles (almost USD $7000) of insurance and approximately 10,000 soles (almost USD $3125) of spending by the relatives, the patient is found to have complications, a serious infection and according to relatives it no longer reacts to external stimuli, it no longer responds in any way. The complainant indicates that at the clinic they ordered her to sign a “voluntary discharge”.

After listening to the complaint of Mrs. Carmen Tintaya, we could infer that the Peruvian-Swiss clinic is dedicating itself to the business of exhausting transit insurance, in a few days and getting rid of the patients. What’s going on? Are there human beings working in that clinic? The authorities should immediately intervene in this clinic, the prosecution should investigate these cases jointly with the Ministry of Health, it is important to know, of 100% of the cases that enter by traffic accidents (of the same intensity), how many are cured from the clinic and how many leave because they ran out of insurance money; it is urgent that statistics be made, to know what this clinic and its owners or administrators are doing; who, proudly put in their web portal: “Your health, our priority …”; It seems that their real priority is your money or your SOAT.

The second complainant, only identified as Mrs. Rosa. She reports that her husband entered because of a motorcycle accident; nevertheless, the lady was warned by friends that in “that clinic” the SOAT is finished in 4 days, reason why she decided to find out how much the insurance expense that her husband had done in a day, and she was told that she spent more of nine thousand soles (almost USD $2900) in just one day. Mrs. Rosa indicates that she tried to remove her husband from the clinic and threatened that if she took her husband “he will not even reach the door”, they threatened to call the prosecutor’s office and they did not want to provide an ambulance to transfer her husband to another hospital. The clinic Peruano Suiza did not report on what it spent the 9 thousand soles (almost USD$ 2900), so the complainant submitted an application that will respond in 7 days. The most serious thing is that the pink lady indicates that her husband only remained sedated (as in the previous case) and that now that she is in the Regional Hospital, her husband has just awakened, and she is already responding.

Is that health for the Peruano Suiza clinic? Sedate a patient until the SOAT is finished? Where are the authorities?

If these allegations are true, there must be punishment for those responsible for this situation. It should also be investigated if the clinic is paying commissions to police and firefighters to transfer patients to their clinic, we do not say it, it is the most talked about comment in social networks and should be investigated. I doubt that the members of the General Fire Department will expose the health and life of the people, it is an institution for which we have a lot of respect and consideration; however, everything behind these serious allegations must be investigated.

How different it is to hear these complaints from the Peruano Suiza clinic, while, for example, the Pardo Clinic, sometimes even makes interventions without cost to low-income people, as in the case of the little Bill who was recently in this clinic and for which we ask for support.

The owners and directors of the Pardo Clinic authorized the child to operate at no cost, and it is not the first time that the Pardo Clinic makes this type of intervention free of charge. It is noted that the Pardo Clinic is run by humans, it is noted that the Pardo Clinic is run by a doctor who made the Hippocratic oath.

From here we join the denunciation of the portal Cusco en Portada in asking the authorities to intervene in this clinic. Now it is of social interest to know how many people “have healed” in this clinic or are only dedicated to the business of sedating patients until the SOAT ends. The pestilential business of non-health.

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