The indestructible Nokia 3310 has returned to the market

Nokia 3310 indestructible

The famous Nokia 3310 has a reputation as indestructible among all the people who have had the pleasure of using it. In this post we will show you how incredibly strong it is, which is why it is usually found as “Nokia 3310 indestructible”, but we will also show you that there is a group of users that are returning to the remastered version of this unforgettable old motorola; It should be noted that the new version of the old motorola, does not enjoy all the characteristics of its predecessor, however, we will teach you that there are reasons to use it.

Evolution of the mobile phone

Within the history of cell phones, the Nokia 3310 has earned a very special place, it is considered an important part of the evolution of the cell phone. The first cell phones were very expensive equipment, which could only be bought by rich people, however, after the arrival of the Tango 300 from Motorola, everything changed, cell phones were accessible to people on foot, from then on it became massive the use of the cell phone, always led by Motorola; However, that would change after the arrival of Nokia, and reach a breaking point thanks to its models in which the antenna that had the old Motorola disappeared, but one of the things that has marked the former users of Nokia is the arrival of the indestructible cell phone, the Nokia 3310 was one of the most sold by the brand and was such a success and its fans around the world that the new indestructible cell phone has appeared; but how deserved is the fame of the Nokia 3310 indestructible.

Is The Nokia 3310 really indestructible?

If we are going to talk in relative terms, that is, indestructible within a “normal” use for which a cell phone is built, then the answer is of course yes; However, in absolute terms there is nothing indestructible, for example, if we put the old Nokia cell phone under a bulldozer, it is clear what will happen. However, users around the world love to test how strong the Nokia 3310 really is; they are fascinated to know if the Nokia 3310 is really indestructible, and the tests you will find on YouTube are really impressive, they have burned them, they have been kicked, they have been hit with hammers, they have even shot at them and this old Nokia cell phone has resisted and has continued working . To show a button, then we leave you a video that shows how you shoot a Nokia 3310.

Vintage Nokia, the indestructible phone returns

In February the portal has presented a post in which we explain the reasons why buy the new Nokia 3310 2018. In this post you will find not only a little of the history of this old cell phone, but we make a comparative table between the features of the old Nokia 3310 and the new Nokia 3310, to know how much of the old cell phone you have in your new Nokia 3310; however we warn you that there are not many, in fact it can no longer be considered “so indestructible”, however, we also expose very good reasons to buy it, so click here so you can read this article and see the interesting reasons that exposes.

Buy Nokia 3310 new

If you already researched about the advantages of the new Nokia 3310 version 2018, for example, that on a long trip or a camp you can have a battery that lasts more than 5 days, and at the same time you do not risk losing your beautiful and expensive iPhone, then It’s time to buy a backup cell phone so you can carry in those special circumstances, and what better if it is the indestructible Nokia 3310 vintage. Buy it from here with this special Amazon offer.

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