The curfew begins in Cusco – Peru

Primera noche de toque de queda en Cusco

Today, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, begins the first night of the “curfew” or “mandatory social immobilization” decreed this morning by President Martín Vizcarra. At this time, the first night of immobilization begins, so at 7 p.m., people were observed even on the streets, hurrying back to their homes. Recall the use of private vehicles is prohibited at all times and public transport will only be available at certain times, for people who must still go to their work centers.

This first night of the curfew occurs at a time when, in Cusco, President Jean Paul Benavente, at a press conference, declared that there are 2 new cases of patients with coronavirus in Cusco, two German citizens who are being quarantined.

This decree of compulsory social immobilization, or curfew, occurs after 34 years in Peru. The last one happened during the first government of Alan Garcia Perez, decreed on February 9, 1986 and that only affected Lima and Callao. The curfew in Peru was first decreed in 1975, by President Velasco Alvarado, in order to control a police strike.

Respect the national curfew and stay at home, it is a measure to keep the health of citizens safe; Also, maintain isolation throughout the day to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus from spreading.

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