The court issued nine months of preventive detention against Los Monstruos de Quillahuata

Luzgardo Torre Rocca y Roger Ccoa Surco los monstruos de de Quillahuata nueve meses de prisión preventiva el heraldo de Cusco noticias

Yesterday the eighth courtroom of the Superior Court of Justice of Cusco, ordered nine months of preventive detention against Luzgardo Torre Rocca of 47 years and Roger Ccoa Surco of 41 years, both accused of rape against a minor, the same one that was kidnapped in a black Suzuki vehicle of taxi license plate X4J-599, being later rescued by the police in the sector of the rural community of Quillahuata – Pumamarca, in the district of San Sebastian in Cusco. Case that has shocked the citizenship of Cusco, since the child was kidnapped in the middle of the public thoroughfare, when she was going to her home, in the district of Wanchaq, and was threatened with a knife and a screwdriver.

Dr. Edilberto Molina, representative of the Public Ministry in charge of the case, in the Second Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Cusco, supported the request for preventive detention for criminals known as “Los Monstruos de Quillahuata” and assured that the elements of conviction obtained with the Immediately as police: acts of intervention, medical examinations and demonstrations of the child have established that there are sufficient elements of conviction to request the emergency measure (preventive detention for nine months) before the Judiciary.

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