Statement of Peru Young Parliamentarians 2019

Pronunciamiento de los Parlamentarios Jóvenes 2019 sobre lo ocurrido en macdonalds pueblo libre

The precarious employment, of which young people are the biggest affected, has left two new victims: Carlos Campos Zapata and Alexandra Porras Inga, both young workers of McDonald’s of Pueblo Libre. Faced with this terrible loss, the 2019 Young Parliamentarians and Parliamentarians declare that: We regret the death of both young people and, from all regions of Peru, we express our deepest condolences to their loved ones, accompanying them in feeling and demanding justice from their side.

We are faced with an unsustainable and worrying scenario, because apparently we have not learned or corrected mistakes, so from the misfortune in Nicolini Galleries until the death of two young people at McDonald’s, we can say that both informality and job insecurity kill.

In this context, where we are not only cheap labor for companies but we survive under a widely known regime that borders on slavery and exposes our lives, is the present and future of our country: young people, who lack it of opportunities forces them to accept a poorly paid job, with long working hours and under inadequate conditions that violate the labor rights of Peruvian youth.

Because of this, it is worrisome that the performance of the National Superintendence of Labor Inspection (SUNAFIL) is not optimal, especially since it has the obligation to supervise and ensure compliance with the various labor standards, this behavior generates – without place of doubt – indignation on the part of the collective and at the same time the indifference on the part of the institution is evidenced that, supposedly, must protect the integrity of the workers without exception.

Based on the foregoing, we require the competent authorities to fulfill their functions, punish the severity due to those responsible and generate a precedent in the face of similar future situations, raising the rigor in labor inspection and providing opportunities that, as young people, we need and we deserve.

We call on citizens and appeal to their organization, in order to channel demands and requirements efficiently, making their Fundamental Rights prevail. Finally, we ask every candidate to the Congress of the Republic for the complementary period 2020-2021 to formulate bills that benefit the country’s youth population in labor matters.

Those of us who subscribe, as Parliamentarians and Young Parliamentarians, reaffirm our commitment to the search for justice and labor equity for the youth of our country.

Parliamentarians and parliamentarians Young 2019 SIGNATURES:

  • Juan Leonard Cabezas Medina DNI: 70364448
  • Moreno Broncano Cynthia Marilda DNI: 71287597
  • Heidi Elizabeth Vergara Sánchez DNI:70855889
  • Karim Jetssy Calero Jahuana DNI: 71563981
  • Darwin Alejandro Alcántara Vicente DNI: 70578450
  • Lissethe Flor Ramirez Oyola DNI:70259066
  • Victor Ernesto Ramírez Tuesta DNI:70239694
  • Jémile Domínguez Cubas DNI:70084871
  • Antony Brian Salazar Ccahuana DNI:71308168
  • Jhon Edward Barrera Malqui DNI:71396370
  • Antonio Josemaría Calle Dominguez DNI:71746590
  • Lia Nohelia de Jesus Zevallos Malasquez DNI:75908806
  • Leonardo Jesus Salazar Lazo DNI:70289955
  • Shouny Duma Valenzuela Aguirre DNI:70082094
  • Miguel Ángel Oporto Corimayta DNI:72185523
  • Marianela Nelly Quispe Cutimbo DNI:78459365
  • Jhoe Hoyo Llanos DNI:70751266
  • Dennis Santa Cruz Proaño DNI:75513631
  • Tamiko Medalith Mitzuma Ulloa DNI:74175727
  • Alessandra Gianella Vargas Páez DNI:77350946
  • Lucila Diana Tacuri Vicente DNI:71231329
  • Claudia María Muñoz DNI:77573504
  • Shirley Mayeli Muñico Patilla DNI:74978797
  • Yazmin Nicolle Del Águila Puertas DNI:72042869
  • Mashiel Jenny Bernedo Melo DNI:70054356
  • Luis Alfredo Castro Silva DNI:74746993
  • Ivette Paola Mendoza Hurtado DNI:74687854
  • David Diego Isidro Capcha DNI:76878528
  • Carlos Alfredo Torres Ponce DNI:72903033
  • Giselle Madeleine Maurial Murillo DNI:72998849
  • Fiorella Romelia María Pachas Talla DNI:71782294
  • Nicola Javier Sabroso Palomino DNI:48926095
  • Abelardo Máximo Chura Bárcena DNI:70601238
  • James Rafael De La Torre Jara DNI:74890946
  • Miguel Angel Marin Pucho DNI:75434037
  • Kiara Paola Adriana Vargas Durand DNI: 72869788
  • Fiorella Raquel Albujar Tineo DNI: 73010330
  • Miguel Martín Bellido Tafur DNI: 48104257
  • Víctor Nieves Panta DNI: 76431053
  • Jaqueline Margoth Reátegui Ramírez DNI: 72720836
  • Arthur Enrique Roldán Suárez DNI: 70459140
  • Gustavo Frederyc Canales Villa DNI: 48707872.
  • Maria Claudia Campos Rosas DNI:70509427
  • John Wilder Farroñay Pisfil. DNI: 75439116
  • Leslie Ximena Saavedra Adrianzén. DNI: 74655497
  • Armando Jesús Montoya Pinto DNI: 70482511
  • Waldir Flores Navarro DNI: 72313798
  • Jesús Gabriel Guillén Ahón DNI: 71894379
  • Nicole Stephanie Cáceres Chata DNI: 70585917
  • Adecita De Jesús Mosqueira Grosso DNI: 71030053
  • Ronald J. Mendoza Antonio DNI: 76296308
  • Junior Esteban Cuéllar DNI: 71872323
  • Naara Cancino Diaz DNI: 71237255
  • Armando Jesús Calonge Aguilar DNI: 70691195
  • Beatriz Caballero Guio DNI: 73310561
  • Brus Oliver Soto Toribio DNI: 73985906
  • Jesús Martín Sipión Castillo DNI: 72531975
  • Julio Angelo Alarcon Flores DNI: 70930728
  • Milagros Tatiana Chávez Hinostroza DNI: 70611083
  • Marly Jhadira Vare Campos DNI: 77226177
  • Jefferson Huancas Santos DNI:76827982
  • Dina Yaneth Rosales Izquierdo DNI: 75254229
  • Valeria Lucía Rivero Urrutia DNI: 72548817
  • Kharem Jessica Jorge Flores DNI: 72774632

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