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Martin Vizacarra el Heraldo de Cusco Noticias

Yesterday, May 23, the Food Forever Experience began, an international event that is taking place in Cusco with the purpose of identifying opportunities in biological diversity, which allow us to advance in the protection of Andean and Amazonian species and crops in the face of the effects that come suffering because of climate change; This being one of the main challenges on the road to preserving food security in the world.

The main event was attended by the President of the Republic of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, the Vice President of the Republic and also president of the Food Forever Initiative, Mercedes Aráoz who together with the regional governor of Cusco, Jean Benavemente, signed the first Declaration of Interdependence in Peru, which aims to set a precedent and comprehensive commitment to cooperation among all the actors involved to safeguard the world and its species from hunger and malnutrition, through actions based on the study and conservation of biodiversity.

Wong’ stand in Food Forever Experience at Cusco

“To speak of biodiversity is to talk about survival. It is fundamental that we as a society assume these new concepts and that, taking advantage of our rich and millenary culture, we use them as tools to face the challenges of the future with much greater force. For us as a government, it is essential to participate in these events because it is on the path of sustainability, “said Vizcarra during the opening ceremony prior to the Symposium.

Also present were authorities such as the Minister of Development of Social Inclusion, Paola Bustamante, the vice minister of agrarian policies, María Elena Rojas Junes; representatives of international organizations such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Inter-American Development Bank, the National Fisheries Society, renowned chefs such as Palmiro Ocampo; and executives from AJE, Wong and PepsiCo, companies that from their business front have been developing actions to promote the economy in the agricultural communities and their social development.


During his time at the Food Forever Experience 2019, the President of the Republic toured the gastronomic exhibition and corporate initiatives that highlight the interest of the private sector as one of the pieces that links the chain that today promotes biodiversity as one of the keys to food security and competitiveness of our agricultural wealth in the country.

One of the standouts was the Wong Supermarket who presented the 14 varieties of native potatoes offered to the national market in all its points of sale and where he stressed the importance of continuing to include more and more varieties for consumers. “At Wong we are committed to promoting responsible consumption to protect and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and, in this way, guarantee the biodiversity of products. Being part of the Food Forever Experience allows us to share experiences with relevant public and private sector actors and civil organizations with whom joining forces, we will make the message transcend, “explained Mari Loli Camarero, Corporate Affairs Manager at Cencosud Peru.

Also present was PepsiCo, who moved to Urubamba the sample of the projects through which they promote the economic development of rural women in the interior of the country.

Tomorrow, the activities will conclude with a visit to the Potato Park, where five indigenous communities of the region have safeguarded a collection of more than 3,000 varieties of the tuber, making it one of the most innovative examples of in situ conservation worldwide.

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Pepsico’s Stand in Food Forever Experience at Cusco

Martín Vizcarra y Mercedes Araoz firmaron el primer pacto en Perú para promover la seguridad alimentaria, mediante la conservación de la biodiversidad andina y amazónica

  • Declaratoria es la primera de su tipo en el país e integra un compromiso del sector público, privado, activistas, ONG’s y organismos internacionales para aumentar la concientización social sobre los beneficios de utilizar la diversidad biológica en favor de la humanidad.

  • Evento es una experiencia organizada en el marco de la iniciativa Food Forever mediante una alianza estratégica del Crop Trust, el Centro Internacional de la Papa e Inkaterra, quienes del 22 al 24 de mayo realizan un simposio para identificar oportunidades que permitan mitigar los efectos del cambio climático para asegurar la alimentación global con un futuro sostenible y delicioso.

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