Residents of Cusco will come out to protest the rise in prices

Desabastecimiento a causa del coronavirus COVID-19

It has been called for tomorrow, February 16, 2021, a stoppage, as well as a series of marches and protests in Cusco. This march would have been called by various civil organizations, such as the Departmental Federation of Cusco Workers (FDTC), among others; Thus, the reasons for this call are diverse.

The rise in the price of gas seems to have been the straw that broke a glass that has been filling for months. There is discontent in the citizens of Cusco, which is a city in which tourism has a vital importance in the income of businesses, and therefore, of people. The measures adopted by the government have stopped practically all tourist activity, leaving Machupicchu Pueblo, practically in misery at the moment.

The rise in the price of gas is only one of the many increases in the prices of basic necessities, registered in these months. Added to this are the protests over the revision of the PeruRail and InkaRail contracts. Likewise, protests over the construction of the Chinchero Airport are expected in the coming weeks.

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