Regional Office of Education Cusco in the middle of a battle

Direccion Regional de Educación Cusco

The Regional Office of Education Cusco, lives an atmosphere of tension, after a statement was published in which it is explained that the approval of the payment of Social Debt was detected to 18 deceased teachers. The fact would have been denounced by the director of Administration, Adolfo Zegarra Zavala, which would have led to the response of servers and officials allegedly involved in this error.

As reported by the newspaper “The Republic”: “Hilda Lopez, head of the Treasury Unit and member of the Union of Workers of the Regional Office of Education, said that the responsibility of depositing subscriptions to the deceased is more than the complainant because of their inexperience.

“Unaware of their duties, payment was made. Due to his lack of experience, he arranges for the payroll office to carry out a job behind the backs of the Treasury and Pension dependencies, without communicating, “said López.

Zegarra responded that he sent the memoranda to said dependencies, so that they fulfill their functions; however, he found the refusal of the area chiefs. “They did not intend to comply with the rules. Mrs. Hilda López did not want to receive the document; I was even conditioned by the hiring of a staff (a worker), with the argument that he has knowledge in the management of the application for the social debt. A fact that I did not accept, that is why another person is appointed, “said Zegarra.

Death threat to DREC Administrator Adolfo Zegarra Zavala

After these confrontations, a few hours ago, Cusco in Portada, published a note on Facebook, in which it mentions that the Director of Administration of the DREC, Adolfo Zegarra Zavala, had received death threats after these scandals, the note expresses the following : “Adolfo Zegarra Zavala announced that after having made public knowledge that appointed workers of the Regional Directorate of Education were included in the list of beneficiaries of the payment of the social debt, despite not having a terminal illness, began to receive telephone calls threatening

“They tell me that they are going to kill me and cut my neck,” he complained in the journalistic program “Tendencia de Super Star Noticias”, led by journalist Carlos Carrillo.

Now that all this confrontation has been made public, we must wait for the investigations by the pertinent organs. The note that would have generated all this, is the following:

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