Regional Hospital issues statement due to the death of the mother of Cusco

In relation to the unfortunate death of Mrs. Natividad Ramos, who was denouncing that staff of the Regional Hospital of Cusco, they were not willing to give her attention or help; this morning the aforementioned hospital made public a statement on its social networks that expresses the following:

Faced with the facts related to the death of a family mother, happened this 
Sunday, May 12, and that they are public knowledge, the Regional Hospital 
of Cusco communicates the following: 

• We express our condolences to the relatives of the deceased lady and we 
point out our commitment to provide all the information that is required by 
the family and the relevant authorities. 

• The Executive Director of the Regional Hospital of Cusco, immediately 
knowledge of the facts, in coordination with the Manager of Social 
Development of the Cusco Regional Government, as well as the the 
Inheritance of Protection of Rights of SUSALUD, were constituted in the 
nosocomial to perform the initial investigations of the case. 

• Subsequently, the Regional Director of Health and to the National Health 
Superintendent, stating that it has been signed a certificate of commitment 
with the relatives of the deceased, where the Hospital Regional and SUSALUD 
undertake to carry out the investigations relevant according to law. 

• It is the responsibility of the hospital and commitment of the Executive 
Directorate carry out the relevant investigations, through the Quality 
Office and Audit, to identify the procedures carried out and the 
responsibilities that may exist, which will be timely informed to the 
relevant instances.   

Cusco, May 13, 2019. 

Unit of Communication and Institutional Image - Hospital Regional del Cusco 

This statement, apart from expressing condolences, states that previous investigations were made that are already known to the Regional Health Director; e, indicates that investigations and audits will continue on the processes carried out. However, we are faced with the death of a person; It is a human being who has lost his life, this investigation must be conducted by the public prosecutor’s office, because here is not only talking about the image of the institution, but also because of the apparent inaction of the workers of the Regional Hospital, someone has lost his life. We also hope that there is a communiqué from the institutions such as the Ombudsman’s Office and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Unfortunately this statement is insufficient considering the seriousness of the events that took place yesterday.

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