President Martín Vizcarra raises confidence issue to the congress for political reform

Pedido de Confianza Martin Vizacarra el Heraldo de Cusco Noticias

President Martín Vizcarra, in a message to the Nation of almost 12 minutes, announced last night that his government will present a question of confidence before the Congress of the Republic. The president indicated that he presents this measure, due to “the indignation and the public outcry expressed in the streets …” which helped to discover all the corruption cases in the country and that the Congress is once again shielding corruption issues in reference to the case Chavarri, for which the president decided to present the confidence “for the state policies of institutional strengthening and anti-corruption fight, which are manifested in the approval without violating the essence of five bills presented”; so the president would be trying to accelerate the approval of the political reform.

Today Prime Minister Salvador del Solar is expected to attend the plenary session of the congress to formalize the confidence request to the congress. President Vizcarra informed yesterday that today the document will be presented officially.

Support of regional presidents to the request of confidence

For the message to the Nation that was transmitted last night, President Vizcarra was accompanied, as a show of support, by the members of his cabinet, as well as 23 regional governors and two vice governors who applauded Martin Vizcarra at the end of his speech. The regional authorities were in Lima to participate in a forum on strengthening SMEs in the Pacific Alliance, organized by the National Assembly of Regional Governments (ANGR). According to this newspaper, they were summoned to the Palace yesterday afternoon.

The trust request in the newspapers

How could it be otherwise this morning all media at the national level are addressing the issue.

The newspaper the commerce indicated in its website that: “The message of the head of the State was made a day after the Permanent Commission of the Congress not only rejected – with votes of members of Fuerza Popular and Apra – to accuse for the crimes of criminal organization and personal concealment to Supreme Prosecutor Pedro Chávarry, but also dismiss his dismissal and disqualification for 10 years.

Before the message was confirmed to the nation, there were several transcendents referring to the Council of Ministers discussing the question of trust.

Some politicians had even asked President Martín Vizcarra to present it after the vote on the cases of Chávarry in the Permanent Commission.

At the beginning of his speech, the president referred to that fact. “Today I have been forced to leave and address you in view of a series of events and decisions that Congress is pitifully leading. In the Permanent Commission we have observed a blatant armoring, although all the indications required to start an investigation in the corresponding jurisdictions, “he said.”

Enrique Patria of the newspaper “La República” points out the following: “Vizcarra pointed out that these initiatives, on which confidence is raised, seek” that parliamentary immunity does not become impunity “, that convicted persons can not be candidates; any citizen can participate in the selection of candidates of political organizations through internal elections, eliminate the preferential vote, ensure the political participation of women with parity and alternation, and prohibit the use of dirty money in election campaigns.

Also, the president urged the legislators to evaluate reconsidering the filing of the constitutional complaints against the former prosecutor Pedro Gonzalo Chávarry, which occurred on Tuesday at the Permanent Commission. This is, as has been said, only a presidential invocation and Parliament does not have the obligation to pronounce on this.

In addition, in the aforementioned newspaper you can find an interesting infographic about the vacancy process of the congress in case of rejection of the trust request, by clicking here.

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