Police officers recover the body of a brave young man who tried to save a child who fell into a river

Rescatan cuerpo de Flavio Olave Inquillay el heraldo de cusco noticias

After 24 hours of searching, agents of the Rescue Unit of the High Mountain Police recovered the body of Flavio Olave Inquillay, 22 years old, who offered his life trying to rescue a child who accidentally fell into the Rio Mapacho river. This happened in the Faucayoc sector in Lares – Calca, averaging 2:00 p.m .; Meanwhile, police officers are still searching for the 10-year-old minor E.M.P., who is still missing.

According to some versions, the child would have come to the banks of the river to extract sand for a school work, at which time between playfulness and joke one of his companions would have pushed the child who, seeing himself in imminent danger, tried to be rescued by the Brave young man who has recovered the body. Police personnel are investigating the incident to clarify what happened.

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