Mutiny in Río Seco prison in Piura

Motín en penar Río Seco en Piura por coronavirus

On the night of Tuesday, March 19, there was a riot at the Piura prison “Río Seco”. The revolt would have started since the inmates of the prison demanded better conditions for visits by their relatives during the state of emergency that our country is experiencing due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Thus, shots were heard inside the prison, as well as a power cut inside the prison. According to the National Penitentiary Institute of Peru (INPE), no hostages or injuries were reported.

As reported by the portal Another reason why the jailers decided this drastic measure is for a possible contagion of coronavirus, however, the Twitter account of the state body denied such allegation. Finally, according to the INPE, the presence of the National Police, the Ombudsman and the Prosecutor’s Office are being coordinated to guarantee the rights of the prison population.

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