More than 131 thousand people sign petition against Mayra Couto

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The petition made on against Mayra Couto is circulating and has gone viral, in fact, the search term “change org Mayra” is having thousands of searches a day. If you want to participate and sign this petition to request that Mayra Couto’s award be withdrawn, click here and you will be redirected to to be able to sign the petition against Mayra Couto.

As we will remember, several weeks ago the actress Mayra Couto was awarded a “prize” from the Ministry of Culture, of 75 thousand soles, which she would use for the realization of her miniseries “My body, my rules.”

This award, as well as the purpose for which it is intended to be spent, have caused a stir throughout the country and even outside of it. They have demonstrated against from intellectuals, artists and ordinary people.

The creator of the petition on is Esteban Denegri, who expresses the following:

I want to prevent Miss Mayra Couto from using the state budget to make a miniseries called “My body my rules.”

I consider it a waste of money for all Peruvians for a cause that has no intention of improving, uniting or strengthening some type of bond or feeling among all Peruvians, rather it generates public rejection from the majority of the population.

This is why I request that the Ministry of Culture withdraw the allocated budget and issue a public statement about it.

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The petition has so far, more than 131 thousand signatures, if you want to sign too, click here.

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