Haitian immigrants try to enter Peru from Brazil

Haitianos en la frontera de Peru y Brasil

Since the early hours of the morning of Sunday, February 14, a growing number of Haitian migrants have gathered at the Iñapari bridge in the Madre de Dios region, to try to enter Peruvian territory. Faced with this circumstance, a contingent of 50 police and military are at said border point to prevent the entry of Haitian citizens, who have been out in the open for two days.

During the previous days, small groups of Haitians had managed to cross the Peruvian-Brazilian border, because they arrived in a small group. These immigrants were even transported on a police bus to Puerto Maldonado, where they received attention from Cáritas, after which they continued their journey north.

Haitians would be entering Cusco in the next few hours

The majority of immigrants declare that their intention is to continue their journey north, as many wish to go to Ecuador and Mexico, as well as many others wish to return to their country. However, if this scenario occurs, there are only two ways to get to the north of Peru, one is through Puno, and the other through Cusco.

The road through Puno would be the longest and most complicated, so the logical thing would be that the Haitian migrants would pass through Cusco, to continue their journey north. On the other hand, if they decide to stay in the national territory, the scenario would be different, and Cusco is the largest city from their point of entry.

Tense situation

The migrants are currently still stranded on the Iñapari bridge, and it seems that the situation does not have a quick solution. According to the newspaper La República, Civil Defense would be sending tents in the next few hours so that migrants face the weather conditions, they also reported that:

In statements to the Republic, the Governor of Madre de Dios, Luis Hidalgo, indicated that after learning that the human group was stranded on the Iñapari bridge, they communicated it to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Foreign Ministry, as well as to the Defense and Interior ministries.

According to Hidalgo, the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Peru and Brazil agreed to take the migrants to shelters in the city of Asis, on the Brazilian side; However, they refused and blocked the traffic of the trucks that pass through the Iñapari bridge so that they too could cross.

The governor indicates that the foreigners are in the part of the bridge that corresponds to Brazil, so Peruvian law enforcement agents cannot remove them, as they would be invading foreign territory.

The border is currently guarded by a contingent of more than 50 police and military. But due to fears that the migrants will try to force their way through, Hidalgo has requested more reinforcements from the defense and interior ministries. The governor points out that Brazil has sent three policemen, but this is insufficient to dissuade the more than 350 migrants from deciding to go to the shelters.


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