Lourdes Flores is denied by Judith Ccuno from Cusco

Desmienten a Lourdes Flores Nano

The Cusco citizen Judith Ccuno, who participated as a member of the polling station in the last general elections (second round), has denied the statements of Lourdes Flores Nano, provided in the Panorama program. In these statements, Flores Nano, points out that “in a set of minutes, of a set of localities, there has been an increase in the votes of Peru Libre at the table, which have improperly tilted the vote”, in that In this sense, it has shown three alleged skills as evidence. In one of the alleged expertise shown, it refers that the signature of Miss Judith Ccuno, at table 015436 in the Canchis district in the Sicuani province of Cusco, is a false signature.

Given this, Miss Judith Ccuno herself has communicated with the portal “the focus” among others, indicating that the statements of Lourdes Flores are false, and that she attended to fulfill her duty as chairman of the table, indicating that it is her signature and you have the corresponding evidence, such as your board member certificate.

Added to this is a detail that Internet users did not miss; and, is that the alleged expert reports were dated May 13, 2021, before the second round.

These statements in which the truth would be missing are contributing to creating a climate of political instability in the country, since now they are not only citizens on social networks, spreading false news, but also great political personalities and television would be making statements far from reality, in order to make citizens believe that there is or was an alleged electoral fraud.

On the other hand, this morning a press conference was held by Keiko Fujimori, in the presence of Luis Galarreta, Miguel Torres and Lourdes Flores Nano. In this conference, basically they continued to insist on issues such as the schedule in which the JNE should attend.

At another point in the conference, he introduced Constitutionalist Dr. Domingo García Belaunde, who would be collaborating as an advisor to his team.

Let us remember that, in 2019, Lourdes Flores Nano was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office in the framework of the Odebrecht case investigations. Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez recommended the coordinator of the special team in the Lava Jato case, Rafael Vela, to initiate an investigation into the leader of the Popular Christian Party (PPC), Lourdes Flores Nano, after the answers she provided in the interrogations in the Odebrecht case. . In this scenario of false news and accusations, with alleged evidence, the political and social climate of the country remains in turmoil.

We must wait for the JNE to pronounce itself, finally ending this turbulent stage that we have had to go through.

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