Venezuelan businessman shot to death in Peru

Asesinan a venezolano en peru trujillo

A Venezuelan citizen was shot to death by a subject known by the alias ‘Cara Cortada’, who shot him on the afternoon of Sunday, January 24, at the intersection of José Gálvez and Sinchi Roca streets, in the city of Trujillo, where the deceased worked as a traveling salesman.

According to the Successful News: it happened in Jirón Sinchi Roca, near the San Carlos Shopping Center, when in the afternoon a Venezuelan citizen of approximately 25 years of age was working as an itinerant merchant, suddenly two individuals known with aliases “Scarface” and “Drako” approached him.

According to the witnesses, the criminals complained to him for not paying the quota to occupy the public space and to be able to sell. At those moments, the victim refused to pay the quota and, in revenge, one of the subjects shot him twice.

Update: They have written to us sending us the video of the precise moment in which the unfortunate victim of this cruel crime is shot. Tell them that we have the video in our possession. We had not published it because its content is explicit and because its publication does not contribute anything to the objective of informing.

However, at the insistence of some readers we have partially censored it and publish it below, we ask for your discretion.

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