Military personnel arrest a police officer for entering the Covid area of the hospital dressed as a doctor

Jhampier Junior Gaspar Montes

The third-rate officer of the Peruvian national police Jhampier Junior Gaspar Montes, 21 years old, is the police officer, who had entered the Covid area of ​​the Daniel Alcides Carrión hospital, in the city of Huancayo, dressed as a doctor. The aforementioned cash was intervened by his colleagues and military personnel who were guarding the hospital, after being discovered by health personnel in circumstances in which he was taking photographs in said restricted area.

According to, the noncommissioned officer tried to escape, but was intercepted by his colleagues and the military at the door of the hospital and only managed to remove his protective suit and seek help by making calls with his cell phone.

According to family members, the noncommissioned officer broke into the hospital, in a state of despair because his father had entered in critical condition after being infected with coronavirus. The cash would have tried to talk to his father who unfortunately had already passed away.

It was announced in that: The head of the Sixth Police Macroregion, General Roger Arista Perea, declared to the press that this fact is being investigated. “I understand that his father has passed away and the noncommissioned officer, in that desperate desire to know how he was doing, entered the hospital disguised as a doctor. Inquiries will be made in the National Police to find out what situation he was in, if he was on duty or on duty, ” he said.

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