HUANCAYO | Population is expelling Venezuelan citizens burning their belongings

Venezolanos son expulsados de Huancayo

At this time in Huancayo, residents walk the streets identifying homes where Venezuelan citizens are staying and are entering by force to remove mattresses and belongings; To burn them in the streets. What the population demands is the withdrawal of all Venezuelans living in Huancayo. As they communicate on social networks, the population is giving 24 hours to withdraw; They are also calling on the owners of the premises where they are staying to evict them.

Huancayo expulsan a venezolanos

All this happens because of the murder of Mr. Vicente Lara, who was assaulted and killed by a Venezuelan citizen. The population managed to capture the murderer, who had to be rescued by the police and is now in the hospital sheltered by police officers.

Today, the portal published the following note:

The foreigner identified as Gabriel Q. B., 24, was captured by the angry 
settlers when he tried to escape with the knife with which, moments before, 
he would have stabbed the carpenter Vicente Félix Lara Solano, 70, a few 
steps from his home.

When he was cornered, he was undressed and beaten by the villagers, who, 
provided with sticks and boiling water, tried to lynch the subject as a 
warning of his actions; the Venezuelan citizen in apparent drunken state 
hid under the patrolman of the Serenazgo. 

Moments later, the police went to the 13th block of the Ica Nueva jirón to 
detain the compatriots with whom the defendant lived as part of the 
investigation, but were attacked by stones by about 70 neighbors who denied 
that Venezuelans lived in the fifth . 

After the disturbance, a police officer was left with a broken head and two 
brother merchants were arrested for violence and resistance to authority. 

Next, we show the images that were broadcast live, about the popular protest in Huancayo.

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