Fine public passenger transport companies in Cusco are fined

Multan a empresas de transporte público de pasajeros de cusco el heraldo de cusco noticias

Once again, fines were imposed on public passenger transport companies in Cusco. Indecopi imposed, in the first instance, a fine of 1 UIT, to the companies for charging university students S / 0.50 of passage, when what corresponds 50% of the whole ticket, that is S / 0.40. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time it happens since in September 2018 a similar sanction was given for these companies, which apparently prefer to pay the fine.

The sanctioned companies are:

  • Nueva Chaska,
  • Expreso Batman,
  • Multiservicios Rápidos,
  • Señor de Cabildo,
  • Los Leones,
  • Huancaro S.A,
  • Grupo Pionero Patrón de San Jerónimo,
  • Cusco S.A.,
  • León de San jerónimo,
  • y Empresa de Transportes Saylla.

Article 3 of Law 26271, Law that regulates the right to free passes and differentiated fares charged by urban and interurban passenger transport companies, states: “The price of university tickets, in urban or interurban areas, may not exceed 50% of the adult ticket price. “

However, there is something that is not respected in Cusco, and it is the time in which the students make use of the half passage, since, in the buses of public transport of the city of Cusco, they usually charge from 10 pm, a whole passage, even round it to a sun. Remember that article 4 of the aforementioned law states: “The use of the university ticket will only proceed between 5:00 and 24:00 hours, on weekdays.”, Which means that the average ticket payment is until midnight, such form that INDECOPI must also verify the compliance of the average passage in the schedule established by law and intervene with the units that charge the students more at times when the average ticket should continue to be charged. By the way, since the fine is repeated every year, this fine may not be effective and the fine should be increased to the aforementioned public transport companies.

Everything is now in the hands of the authorities, so that the provisions of the law that publish the regulations on public transport buses are met so that there are no more abusive charges. On the other hand, the same students should not accept paying amounts greater than the average ticket only because the ticket holder indicates that they are more than 10 o’clock at night. Share this publication and raise awareness among the population.

We attach the law for review.

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