ESPINAR | Nightclub worker denounces club owner for rape

Espinar trabajadora sexual denuncia al dueño de las peliaditas por violación sexual

A woman identified by the initials G. Z. C complained to the police that she suffered sexual rape at the hands of the owner of the place where she worked, she also told the police that this is not the first time that she has happened and that she never reported for fear of reprisals. The 26-year-old woman worked as a companion at the nightclub “Las Peladitas” in the province of Espinar in Cusco; She told the police, that at dawn on Sunday, the 26th, she was retiring to rest, in a state of drunkenness, then Eynor Valle Ramos Morales, 26 years old, accompanied her to her room, inside the nightclub and taking advantage of her drunk supposedly he would have taken advantage of it.

He also indicated that he suffered the theft of around 450 soles that would have been his income that night. He says that it would not be the first time that such an abuse happens and that he had not reported before because he feared he would retaliate. The man was arrested by police officers to make it available to the public prosecutor to formalize the complaint. Eynor Valle will be investigated for the alleged crimes of rape, larceny and ruffianism.

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