Eruption of the Ubinas volcano is affecting the south of Puno

Explosión del volcan ubinas

Yesterday July 19, in the early hours of the morning, the Ubinas volcano located in Moquegua, very close to Arequipa, has generated a series of emanations of ash explosions and earthquakes, which has generated an orange alert regarding the population of Ubinas. The eruptive process began on June 24, so there was time to anticipate actions to safeguard the population, however, at this time there is no place to transfer those affected, which are counted in around a hundred families.

The ashes of the Ubinas volcano explosion have been transported by the wind in a southerly direction, which is why the Puno region at this moment is being affected by the ashes of the Ubinas volcano. As reported by the newspaper El Comercio: “The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (Senamhi), an agency attached to the Ministry of the Environment (Minam), reported that wind conditions will persist for the next few days that will favor the dispersion of ash ejected by the Ubinas volcano towards the south of Puno, north-east of Moquegua and Tacna. In addition, the daytime temperature will fall due to the darkening generated by the ash. “Dozens of rural communities in seven districts of the provinces of Chucuito, Puno and El Collao, in the Puno region, were the most affected by the scattered ashes after three Explosions of Ubinas volcano.

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