Emergency in Cusco | Flood sweeps Santa Teresa district at La Convencion

A barrage swept bridges, roads, homes and everything or that was in its path, in the district of Santa Teresa, province of La Convenión in Cusco. The flood was caused by persistent rains in the area. As the authorities recall, a similar event occurred in 1998. According to a report by the Municipality of Santa Teresa, the overflow of water, mud and stones has affected 50% of homes in the Sahuayaco sector, and 80% of the houses in the Chaullay area. Information is still expected from Cochapampa, a sector close to the area where the flood occurred.

As reported by RPP Noticias: The mayor of the district Marcos Reynaldo told RPP Noticias that contact has been lost with 30 inhabitants of Sahuayaco who ran to the highlands fleeing the flood. In addition, he reported that among the injured there are four people with fractures.

The collapse of several stretches of road to Santa Teresa has also been reported, with the disappearance of the Suriray, Saucepampa, Huadquiña, Sawayaco bridges. The affected area ran out of electricity and no mobile phone signal.

In communication with RPP News, the virtual congressman elected by Alliance for Progress (APP), Alex Hidalgo, said that at least 15 tourists are stranded in the disaster zone, but safe and under the care of the residents of that area which is part of an alternate route to Machupicchu. We will expand the information.

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