EARTHQUAKE IN PERU | Earthquake of magnitude 8 left one dead, 11 injured in Loreto

A strong earthquake of magnitude 8 shook early Sunday the Loreto region, in the jungle of Peru, with the balance of one death and several injuries in Peru and Ecuador, in addition to causing the collapse of homes and infrastructure. The epicenter of the earthquake, of magnitude 8 according to the Geological Institute of the United States (USGS) and the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP), occurred at 02:42 local (07H41 GMT) about 70 kilometers southeast of Lagunas, in the north from Peru.

A video of the precise moment of the earthquake that shook the town of Lagunas in Alto Amazonas Yurimaguas was spread on social networks. The images correspond to the Yurimaguas police station and show the desperation of a group of police officers trying to get the detainees out.

Quito. At least seven people were wounded of varying consideration in several provinces of Ecuador as a result of the strong earthquake that occurred last night with an epicenter in the Peruvian Amazon and felt throughout the country. “So far, we counted 7 injured people in total, all served by the Public Health System,” Sonnenholzner wrote on his Twitter account.

Earthquake in Peru, images

Here we present the images that come to us from Loreto about the strong earthquake and its consequences.

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