CUSCO | The body of a dismembered woman was found in Sacsayhuamán

Hallan restos de mujer descuartizada en Sacsayhuaman Cusco, el Heraldo de Cusco Noticias

An alarming news has been released agents of the Division of Investigation of Crimes of the Police; who were alerted by neighbors of the area of ​​Llaullipata in Sacsayhuamán (Cusco), for the discovery of human remains of what is apparently a woman between 16 and 20 years of age. The body was dismembered and abandoned in the area along with some clothing, the police officers, to be in place, found the legs, part of the coccyx, hair and clothing; However, they could not find the rest of the body in the area, despite the fact that a team of crime experts, homicides, the Cusco police station and the tourism police searched the area and no more remains were found of the victim of this homicide. no clues to clarify who would be treated or the perpetrators.

According to statements collected by the Correo newspaper, “Colonel PNP Manuel Valer, head of the Crime Investigation Division of Cusco, the Prosecutor’s Office arrived at the scene in order to order the lifting of the human parts while his agents continue combing the zone in order to find more evidence. “; “So far we have found two legs, clothing and hair rests, I have an entire team assessing the place, however I am asking for reinforcements to enlarge the search area,” he said.

The police have informed the relatives of all the disappeared persons in Cusco, so that they can be established in the facilities of the Investigative Police to make the recognition of the garments; However, the people consulted have not been able to recognize these garments. Although at first it was thought that the dismemberment would have been caused by animals, this hypothesis was already ruled out by the Police who indicated that it is a dismemberment with a cutting instrument.

The police continues with the investigations and calls on the citizenry to try to identify the victim’s clothes.

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