CUSCO | Sacsayhuaman quacker falls

Hallan restos de mujer descuartizada en Sacsayhuaman Cusco, el Heraldo de Cusco Noticias

25-year-old Axel Vargas Polinia was arrested by the National Police of Peru, and would be investigated for the murder of the 17-year-old teenager whose lower limbs were found in Sacsayhuaman a couple of months ago. On June 5 we realized the macabre discovery of a female between 16 and 20 years old. The body was dismembered and abandoned in the area along with some clothing, police officers, when constituting the place, found the legs, part of the coccyx, hair and clothing; However, they could not find the rest of the body in the area, although a team of criminal experts, homicides, Cusco police station and tourism police, searched the area no more remains of the victim of this homicide were found.

Now it seems they have hints of the horrendous fact. According to a report published in the newspaper “La República”, the Criminal Investigation Department managed to identify the adolescent. The child would be only 17 years old and would have been working as a domestic worker, which is why her relatives were not looking for her. Apparently, police officers would have gathered a series of tests that resulted in the arrest of Axel Vargas Polinia, who was found in the Ccachin community of the Lares district of Calca province. The defendant denies all charges against him; however, the police have him in custody and under investigation. Not much is known about the case, so more information is expected.

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