CUSCO | Regional strike in defense of projects and fight against corruption may harm travelers

Paro macro-regional en Cusco el heraldo de cusco noticias

Since early morning hours have blocked one of the three main access roads to the city of Cusco; in the area of ​​narrowness, which is the southern entrance to the city of Cusco, and connects with the city of Sicuani and Puno. In Cusco, a strike is held to demand the resumption of construction of the Andean gas pipeline, the fight against corruption, and the defense of major projects. The regional macro strike, in defense and execution of the main projects of Cusco and the south of the country, in the early hours of the morning felt more strongly in the area of ​​narrowness in the district of Saylla, with road blocks, however, it is spreading throughout the city.

At this time there are already blockades in the north access in the area of ​​Tica Tica, which are the exit and entry to Urubamba and Machu Picchu, however, there is still mobility (collective vehicles) in the city of Cusco. At the moment the road that connects the Cusco airport with the city center is clear, so that tourists who have arrived early through domestic flights have had no problems entering.

School work has been suspended. Also the Andean University of Cusco, in the early hours of the morning has informed its students the suspension of their academic work. Most stores seem to be closed; However, we still do not know what will happen to tourism; Everything indicates that this situation was already planned by tour operators.

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