Cusco Mayor Victor Boluarte confirms sentence for fraud

Victor Boluarte ratifican sentencia

On Friday, May 17, 2019, in the Appeals Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Cusco, the judges: Luis Sarmiento Núñez, Gregoria del Rocío Velásquez and Rolando Ttito Quispe, read a sentence for the crime of Administration Fraudulent in tort of the Bar Association of Cusco, against the mayor of Cusco Victor Boluarte, and others involved in the crimes. The sentence was pronounced by virtue of the appeal to the suspended prison sentence of two years that was given in the month of February; Thus, the aforementioned judges confirmed the sentence of Víctor Boluarte as guilty of the crime of fraud in the administration of legal persons and imposed a penalty of one year of suspended prison and the payment of civil reparations.

Five months have elapsed since Boluarte took office as mayor of Cusco, and this confirmation of sentence is already on him; so, another shadow appears on the horizon of the burgomaster, because there are voices of requests for vacancies that could be brewing through his detractors. His lawyer, Raúl Campana, was against the ruling, and informed the media that he will present an exceptional appeal, in order to prevent the normal development of his mayor’s office from being damaged or interrupted. On the other hand, the lawyers of the opposing party declared that with the ratified sentence any citizen can request that the mayor Víctor Boluarte be removed or suspended from his position, statements that must be confirmed by the corresponding bodies; likewise, they indicated that this leaves a precedent for all lawyers.

The future of the mayor of Cusco within the municipal administration is still uncertain, it will be necessary to wait a few days to know details about what happens as a result of this confirmation of condemnation, by the Judicial Power. We must also be aware of the reactions of the detractors of this mayor, who, in fact, has a polarized Cusco. Here is a summary of 7 minutes of the sentence reading that lasted almost 50 minutes.

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