Festival of Chicha Cusqueña – Ajha Raymi 2019

Festival de la Chicha Cusqueña Ajha Raymi 2019 el Heraldo de Cusco Noticias

This Saturday, June 8, as part of the month of the jubilee festivities of Cusco, the Festival of Chicha Cusqueña – Ajha Raymi 2019 will take place, which will have the participation of the 14 best picanterías of Cusco. Estes will be a gastronomic festival in which not only chicha can be tasted, but everything that is served in a traditional cusqueña picantería; so, dishes like “extras” and “spicy from Cusco” will be served.

This festival will be held in the square of San Pedro at 9 in the morning. The music will be in charge of the Orquesta Son Córdova, Gualberto Apaza, several dance groups from Cusco, among others. There will be a contest to choose the best “frutillada” and the best “chicha de jora” of Cusco. To take into consideration that the “extras” are strong plates, a single plate without an entrance that is served in abundant quantity; the “frutillada” is a chicha rubbed by the presence of strawberry, and the “chicha de jora” is a fermented corn drink.

The provincial mayor of Cusco, Victor Boluarte, indicated that one of the objectives is to give the necessary importance to the picanterías, therefore, he pointed out that the cooks are trained in order to improve the quality of services by complying with sanitary standards. We will be present at this event, which will surely congregate many national and foreign tourists, as well as local public. If you are a tourist and you are passing through Cusco, we recommend you to attend the event.

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