Young couple is found dead in a water reservoir in Cusco

hallan pareja muertos en cusco

Macabre discovery of the bodies of a loving couple in the rural community of Yuncaypata, near the Sacsayhuaman archaeological park, inside a reservoir. Apparently some locals in the area had seen a floating body, so agents of the National Police attended with representatives of the Public Ministry. Great was the surprise of the agents when they realized that, inside the reservoir, another body was found.

The police officers from the Tahuantinsuyo police station, who came to the area, established that the man’s body is Marco Fabricio Cayo, 18 years old, while the remains of the young woman found would be an identified minor. with the initials AFC 17 years old.

The prosecutor Edilberto Molina, was the one who ordered the removal of the bodies and their subsequent internment and necropsy in the central morgue of Cusco.

The events that led to the tragic outcome are being investigated. The police do not rule out that it is an accident, however, it is possible that it is an attack against the young couple, because in the area there have been attacks on lovers who pass through the area.

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