This would be the sacsayhuaman quacker

Descuartizador de Sacsayhuaman Axel Vargas

The Sacsayhuaman quacker apparently has a name: Axel Vargas Polinia, 25 years old. As we advanced yesterday; the police followed the traces of this subject who a few hours ago would have confessed the terrible crime to agents of the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the National Police of Peru, who did a magnificent job, despite having very few elements to initiate the investigation, since the complete body of the victim identified as a 17-year-old GMQ is not found.

This crime, which has shocked the population of Cusco, is just beginning, after an investigation of more than two months. The person responsible would have been the eventual partner of the murdered minor. According to statements, of the alleged murderer, the child would have been pregnant and harassed (Axel Vargas) for jealousy and for her current pregnancy, which would have motivated the subject to kill the child and dismerse her.

Descuatizador de Sacsayhuaman

Apparently the victim would have been killed elsewhere and then transferred to the place of discovery. On the other hand, despite the fact that the murderer has confessed, nothing is known about the accomplices who helped him in such a horrible crime. According to Axel Vargas, he would have hired three people to help him dismember the victim, to whom he paid seventy soles; which the police described as lacking credit.

Prosecutor Vielca Olarte, of the Third Provincial Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Cusco, will request nine months of preventive detention for the detainee, while the investigations to determine the details of this heinous crime are concluded, and the assassin’s accomplices are captured.

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