The VI National Archeology Congress was inaugurated

On August 13, it was inaugurated and the VI National Congress of Archeology (CNA), an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, was held a space that differs from the most recent archaeological research and practices also related to the management and conservation of archaeological monuments.

The event will present the most important archaeological findings that have taken place during the year, within the framework of the archaeological interventions authorized by the Ministry of Culture, this was announced by the owner of this portfolio, Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, where he highlighted the event as one of the few internationally, and there is talk of pre-Hispanic times.

This National Archeology Congress is possible thanks to the joint work and effort between the State, private company and International Cooperation, with the valuable contribution of the Government of Japan, represented by the ambassador, Sadayuki Tsuchiya, and with the inaugural presentation of Japanese archeologist Yoshio Onuki , what exposed the theme “60 years of the Japanese mission and Peruvian archeology”.

“This year we recognize the contribution that the Japanese archaeological mission has made in Peru during the last 60 years of continuous work, they began work on the Hands Crossed monument in Huánuco, at the site of Kotosh; In addition, they have followed through Cajamarca and different places in Peru, that is a reason for celebration, ”said Castillo.

He also recalled other contributions of Japanese archaeologists such as the study of finding the origins of complex societies in the Central Andes during the archaic and formative periods.

The minister during the congress highlighted Peru and its culture as one of the most important academic destinations for archaeological research in the world, informing that every year in the country there is a season of excavations where more than 100 research projects from the best universities participate of the world, like those of Osaka and Tokyo, besides Harvard, Stanford and Yale, among others. “All these universities have researchers who are dedicated to archeology in Peru, and every year they return to continue their work,” he said.

Finally, the Japanese ambassador, Sadayuki Tsuchiya, stressed that Japanese cooperation in archeology will continue. “We will continue to work together both countries deepening ties of friendship with Peru,” he emphasized.

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