Student Christian Carlos Collana receives funerals tonight

The 22-year-old Christian Carlos Collana wake is being held who was missing and was found lifeless. His friends and classmates, tirelessly supporting Christian’s relatives, have made a sit-in at the door of the “Las Rocas” disco, demanding that they deliver all film material of the night in question, in which he was last seen Young student, Christian Carlos Collana.

As you will remember, Christian Carlos Collana was intensely wanted by his family and friends, who were hoping to find him alive, after reporting his disappearance on August 17 in Cusco.

René Carlos and Elvira Collana, parents of the student arrived in Cusco from Quellouno in the province of La Convencion, to look for the minor of their children and together with relatives and companions of the disappeared, staged marches and demonstrations in order to find some trace that the Take to know the boy’s whereabouts. However, on the afternoon of Monday, August 26, residents of the APV Miscahuara, located in the area called ‘La Bombonera’, reported to the National Police, the discovery of a lifeless body in the middle of a ravine.

After the recognition of the corpse they began pain scenes that have moved the city of Cusco, because of the sad and tragic news. However, the family now blames the Cusco authorities and the National Police for inaction and for letting key witnesses go, according to statements by Heidy Carlos, elder sister of the deceased student. Now the remains of the university student, are veiled in the middle of the anxiety that leaves his departure and especially the strange actions of the owners of the disco where he was last seen, as family and friends argue that they have not delivered all the film footage in which you can see only the entrance of the young man to the disco “the rocks”, but not the exit; Even worse, they now denounce that the disco has been remodeled, which is undoubtedly a very suspicious attitude, because in the midst of what could be an investigation, a possible important scenario is being altered to clarify what happened. Family members also demand the slow action of the National Police.

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