Rescue work continues for people and even pets in Cusco

Perrito es rescatado de huaico

The image of a pet being rescued by firefighters, during the alluvium in the Chaupimayo Basin (Sector B), located in the province of La Convencion in Cusco, is being viralized on social networks. The level of devastation in the affected areas denotes a terrible situation for the affected families, who even now continue in search of their missing loved ones and face the pain and despair of losing everything.

Seeing these acts of humanity and love of life, not only human, but also that of our pets is simply comforting. Observing that people and pets are being rescued from the desperate situation in the area, restores our faith in people.

The situation in this part of the Cusco region is alarming. The No. 57 fire company has moved to different places in the affected basins, managing to rescue many people and even pets trapped in the rubble. For good-hearted people, all life is important.

perrito siendo recatado en cusco

The rains continue in La Convencion

The rains have not stopped, and at the moment there are increases in rainfall which makes the situation dangerous, even for search and rescue teams.

As reported by Diario Correo, Captain CBP Liman Pajuelo, chief of the firefighters in Quillabamba, indicated that there are 16 men in red belonging to his unit who are working at this time, helping everyone who needs it and evacuating those affected to safer areas.

“We are combing the two banks of the river, towards Urusayhua and Sambaray, so far we have found the body of a woman victim of the huaico and we are looking for the other disappeared,” he said.

There are still people missing in La Convención

It is a drama that various families are facing. The drama of not having found their loved ones yet. According to the newspaper Correo: Gustavo Infantas, head of the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) – Cusco, announced that so far the body of Zayda Quispe Ancca (25), who would have been dragged, has been found in the Sambaray area. from the upper part of the Chaupimayo Basin.

Likewise, it was learned that the missing persons answer the names of: Evangelino Ancca Uñanguari (56), Zayda Lusbenia Quispe (27), David Quispe Ancay (11), Marina Yanguri Titto (54), Milagros Gutierrez Yanguri (12), Maria Gutierrez Yanguri (15) and Fortunati Gutierrez Huilllca (77). Those who at this time are still missing.

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