Police officers simulate assault on a woman in Cusco – Peru

Simulan agresión a mujer en Cusco

In the best style of famous YouTubers, agents of the National Police in Cusco, made a simulation of aggression. A “supposed” couple of passersby staged a strong discussion in which the man attacked his supposed partner, with the intention of measuring the reaction and actions of the citizens of Cusco. This “social experiment” was carried out at three points in the city of Cusco.

The objective was to measure the ability of passersby to react to gender violence. To this end, the agents of the National Police staged a strong discussion, in the vicinity of the El Molino Shopping Center, in the vicinity of the Central Market of San Pedro and on Avenida el Sol in the vicinity of the Judicial Branch.

The staging was done in an absolutely real way, even using “artificial blood”; For this reason, passers-by from Cusco came to the defense and aid of the attacked female.

Great was the surprise of the National Police, when they noticed the fierceness of the Cusco population in defense of this “woman in danger” who even beat up the police officer who acted as the aggressor, who had to be rescued by uniformed agents.

The images have been viralized on different networks, including TikTok.

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