Police identified the body of Silvano Cántaro in Colombia

Last Tuesday, the brothers of Silvano Cántaro Tolentino, the Peruvian who was cruelly murdered, after being thrown from a bridge in Colombia, identified the body. Silvano Cántaro’s brothers are currently in Colombia carrying out repatriation procedures. They are expected to return to their homeland in the next few hours.

After the case went viral on social media. The brothers Janet and Jhon filed the complaint in Huánuco; Therefore, from Colombia, the Medellín prosecutor’s office would activate a search plan to find the whereabouts of Silvano Cántaro.

After 10 days, the brothers received information that, in Mercaderes, Cauca, in southwestern Colombia, they found a body that matched the characteristics of their brother. What follows is the journey to Colombia, made by the brothers to avoid more pain for their parents. The intention of the trip was the DNA test and recognition of the corpse.

His brother was identified by a tattoo

The brothers were present in Forensic Medicine, anguished and not knowing what to expect, since they needed to know if the body found was indeed their brother’s. The brothers told Noticias Caracol de Colombia the following:

“The body could hardly be recognized, because of the heat, because of the time, because of everything, it was already a little decomposed”

“But the lower part was still preserved so we could recognize it from the tattoo. Also, because of the clothes she was wearing and because of the bedspread that she brought from Lima ”, Janet details.

At that moment, a mixture of helplessness, pain and a bit of relief washed over the brothers. The corpse before his eyes corresponded to that of Silvano Oblitas Cántaro Tolentino.

“I had a tattoo on the part of my leg, which I was unaware of, but my cousins ​​sent me photos. They are two hands with a world in the center ”, describes Janet.

“Only two of us arrived from Lima and the three of us are going to return,” Jhon points out.

Janet and Jhon will return to Huánuco and hope that this week their brother’s body will be repatriated, to receive a Christian burial on Peruvian soil.

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