Police agents arrest Haitian citizens who have entered Peru irregularly

Detienen a haitianos en Cusco

Two Haitian citizens were arrest by agents of the National Police of the State Security Unit of the immigration section, in Cusco, this Thursday, February 18, 2021. Those intervened, allegedly, would have entered the country irregularly, through the border with Brazil, circumventing the security imposed there.

Haitian citizens Guilles Philipe (40) and Lambert Wilner (22) were walking along Avenida el Sol, at the height of the Rosario Bridge. Upon noticing their presence, police officers asked for their identifications, in response one of them showed his passport, which was expired; However, his companion did not show any documents, so both were taken to the State Security facilities in Cusco.

The competent authorities were able to establish the irregular entry of both Haitian citizens to Peru, for which the corresponding report is being issued for their subsequent expulsion from the national territory. According to information from the National Police, the fundamental rights of those intervened have been respected, as well as international conventions and bio-security regulations to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

As we had expressed in a previous note. If the almost 500 Haitian citizens who are fighting to enter through the Iñapari bridge on the border with Brazil, the majority would be making their transit through the city of Cusco.

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